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Permanent Makeup Artist Tracey Collett


Where Aesthetics Meets Excellence

 Tracey's experience in art, design, and education has been an instrumental foundation for creating very precise permanent makeup. With over 18 years of industry experience in permanent cosmetics, 28 years in cosmetology her steady hand and eye for design ensure a great result.


Over the last eight years, she has been globally recognized as a master permanent cosmetics educator and coach. She is well equipped to perform and teach precision permanent cosmetics. Tracey has certifications in advanced permanent cosmetics, areola repigmentation, scar camouflage, laser tattoo removal, tattoo vanish, hypertonic tattoo lightening, microblading, skin needling or CIT. 

Only the highest quality and most reputable pigments made in the US for the safety of each client are used.  We ensure the utmost precision and care in the shape, placement, and color of your enhanced look. Keeping up with the latest technology and the highest standards of sanitation and safety, Tracey holds strict regard to follow proper sterilization techniques and stringent sanitary guidelines which ensure a safe and clean environment. Her use of topical anesthetics allows a virtually painless application of permanent cosmetics, tattoo removal, or collagen induction services. At most, you will only feel mild discomfort.

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