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Are you hoping to take permanent makeup classes in Mesa, AZ? Contact Fine Arts Permanent Cosmetics! We’re just nine miles away from Mesa, and we offer comprehensive hands-on training. Our prices are affordable, and we offer live coaching and flex time training options for our students! 


Real Skills from an Expert Instructor

Our flextime scheduling system allows you to take up to five weeks to complete any five-day class that we offer, seven weeks to complete any seven-day class we offer, and 11 weeks to complete any 11-day class. Most of the training is conducted in person with a live model, but you’ll also get full access to our collection of video classes. In addition, beginner students will be given a free Business Starter Kit valued at $350-$680 depending on how long the class is.


Instructor Tracey Collett holds certifications from the American Academy of Micropigmentation. She has 28 years of experience as a cosmetologist and 17 years in the permanent cosmetics field. Tracey will meticulously train you in the design principles of permanent cosmetics, showing you all the techniques you’ll need. For permanent makeup classes in Mesa, AZ, contact Fine Arts Permanent Cosmetics today!

Interesting Facts About Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup dates back at least as far as 1902. That’s when a man named Sutherland MacDonald advertised an “all-year-round delicate pink complexion” to his London clients.

Microblading techniques are much newer by comparison, originating somewhere in Asia less than 25 years ago.

Permanent cosmetics won’t wash off, but they do need to be refreshed or re-enhanced from time to time because of fading.

Imagine just waking up in the morning and looking great, without even needing to put on makeup. That’s what we offer at Fine Arts Permanent Cosmetics!

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